Motion Design Reel 2018 
Music: (edited mashup) Sebastian Forslund & Johnny Berglund
Chasing Gravity: Titles, Insert Scenes ... view more
Motion Graphics, Design, Concepts, Moving Stills
Moving Stills ... view more
Motion Design for title sequence and inserts for full length Netflix documentary
Astro 11: Animated Short for Fauxcorp ... view more
Co-Creator, Director
Sound Design Contest Winner 
Music created with: [keyboards]: Roland Alpha Juno 2, Yamaha Mx, Ableton Live, Zoom H6 Mic recorder
Production [tools]: Ableton Live, Ae, Premiere Pro
Microsoft Retail Stores - Coverage Reel ... view more
Creative Director - Theme Designer - Video and Motion
UX Ideation, Motion Designer, Video Layout Specialist, Pre-Post production